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The Network

Over the decades, we have built up a network of tradespeople, lawyers, solicitors and architects. We also have decades of contact with insurance companies and institutional technical suppliers which guarantees special conditions for trusting cooperation.

Architects Firma ais-Schütt
Dipl. Ing. Olaf Schütt
Altenholzer Straße 5-7, 24161 Altenholz
Tel. 0431 / 2608325
Fax 0431 / 2608199
Specialised in: construction and humidity damage, energy advice + planning.

Solicitor Ulf Schönenberg-Wessel
Kanzlei im Merkurhaus
Preußerstraße 1-9, 24103 Kiel
Tel. 0431/66114950
Fax 0431/66114999
Solicitor for sales agreements and declarations of condominium. Specialises in questions about condominiums.

Lawyer Kanzlei im Merkurhaus
Rechtsanwalt Jürgensen
Fachanwalt für Miet- und Wohnungseigentumsrecht
Preußerstrasse 1-9, 24103 Kiel
Tel. 0431 / 66114950
Fax 0431 / 66114999

Insurance companies David Versicherungskontor GmbH & Co. KG
Gablensstraße 9
24114 Kiel
Tel. 0431 / 200 43 - 0
Fax 0431 / 200 43 - 43

We have connections with all the major insurance companies.
Allianz - we have a framework agreement for special conditions with this company.
Provinzial - we have a collective agreement for special conditions with this company.

Multimedia We have general contracts for special conditions with Kabel Deutschland for cable television and triple play.
Renting Renting is carried out in a cost-effective manner without the involvement of agencies using Immobilien Scout, Immo-Net and our own employees.
Modernisation Modernisation and energy-saving measures are planned with experts, and for those who require
Financing We submit applications to the owners' house banks or to the specialist investment bank KfW [Development Loan Corporation]. We take care of the necessary procedures.

We have many years of cooperation with
Förde Sparkasse Kiel, Lorentzendamm 28-30, 24103 Kiel as well as
Commerzbank AG Kiel - they facilitate cooperation and speed up authorisations.
Value analysis of buildings and flats for sale or purchase is carried out based on years of experience.