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The Team

Theo Lochthowe Theo Lochthowe
Mr. Lochthowe is copartner and the new managing director of the company Hausverwaltung Hermann Drews GmbH. In his previous function as management consultant, in particular in the sector of the restructuring, the real estate department was one of his key aspects. Due to his work in the forced administration he collected experience in the property management as well. The managing director is involved in all the transactions of the business. He is responsible for financing, modernization as well as for special issues.

Tel. 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 31
Frau Walle Andrea Walle
Ms Walle is a trained industrial clerk and a land and building agent registered with the IMI [Real Estate Institute]. She looks after large apartment buildings with several hundred flats and organises the parallel management of rented flats and condominiums.

Tel. 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 26
Frau Taxwedel Carmen Taxwedel
Mrs Taxwedel is a qualified lawyer´s and solicitor´s assistant. She has done a training and she has passed an exam as a land and building agent. She is a specialized expert in calculating service charges. In our office she works as a manager in the tenants segment.

Tel. 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 30
Frau Friedrich Dominique Friedrich
Ms Friedrich is a legal employee. She is responsable for processing insurance cases and cares for selling real estate if one of our customers gives the order. Ms Friedrich is a certified specialist in the accounting of heating and running costs.

Tel. 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 23
Petra Soltau Petra Soltau
Mrs Soltau is a qualified lawyer´s and solicitor´s assistant. She has been working in the accounts´ department and as a personal assistant. In our office she is intrusted with correspondence; she takes care of customers´ and tenants´ needs either on the telephone or in person. She is in charge of coordinating the appointments for the execute manager and the accounts department and also assists at and takes the minutes of the meetings and condominion assemblies.

Tel. 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 24