Flat management

Hausverwaltung Drews carries out all kinds of flat management. We take care of flats in both privately and publically financed buildings. We carry out property management for flats, so of course we also carry out private property management for the owners who rent out their apartments.

If a rent pool is built up, we are also in a position to perform rent pool management for the owners and to help prepare for tax declarations through a tax adviser.

Within the context of fund management, we carry out all preparatory works and do the reporting for the fund administrator. We are also in a position to do a general reporting summary of several investment objects.

We take care of all kinds of settlements between owners and tenants.

Licensing requirements such as providing energy performance certificates as well as equipping flats with smoke alarms (which is soon to be obligatory) are of course taken care of by us in good time. We keep to deadlines, we ensure the proper collection of rents and we take care of correspondence between the owners and authorities as well as any other relevant offices.

For our tenants and owners, we have organised a late repairs service so that our tradespeople can be called out for small repairs, even after normal working hours.

Thursday of every week is open for late consultation until 6 p.m.