The most important thing when taking care of a rented property is good rental management.

We ensure early on that the flats are in a good, modern conditions. Modern flats which come to us newly renovated with a built-in kitchen, cable television and an internet connection allow us to reach a good selection of tenants. We do not use outside agents to rent our properties. Renting in Kiel and the surrounding area is carried out by employees from our main branch in Kiel, in other areas we have employees on site, who select tenants according to specific criteria, introduce them to us and then get the OK from us to rent to the tenant.

Thanks to our professional rental management, loss of rent is very rare.

Additionally, we also have a well-defined protocol for the handover of the flats at the end of the rental period and when a new tenant moves in. This ensures we have a constant overview of the state of all properties in our care.