Das Team

Theo Lochthowe

Mr. Lochthowe is co-partner and the managing director of the company Hausverwaltung Hermann Drews GmbH. The managing director is involved in all the transactions of the business. He is responsible for financing, modernization and as well as for special issues.

Phone: 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 31
E-Mail: T.Lochthowe@Hausverwaltung-Drews.de

Rosi Ohm

Mrs. Ohm is a trained tax assistant and is responsible in particular for the processing of investment real estate properties by foreign investors, is making preparatory fund management and takes care of the real estates with option to tax.

Phone: 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 25
E-Mail: R.Ohm@Hausverwaltung-Drews.de

Andrea Walle

Mrs. Walle is a trained industrial clerk and property specialist manager IMI (Real Estate Institute). She takes care for large residential buildings with several hundred flats and organizes the parallel management of rental apartments and condominiums.

Phone: 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 26
E-Mail: A.Walle@Hausverwaltung-Drews.de

Carmen Taxwedel

Carmen Taxwedel

Mrs. Taxwedel is legal and notarys assistant and has qualified herself by continuing education and has passes an exam as a property manager specialist IMI. She is a specialized expert in calculating service charges. In our company, she is managing rental apartments and condominiums.

Phone: 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 30
E-Mail: C.Taxwedel@Hausverwaltung-Drews.de

Petra Soltau

Mrs. Soltau is a trained lawyer and notarys assistant and she worked in the accounting department and the secretariat. She takes care of the correspondence and the support of customers, tenants and prospective tenants who come to the office . She also coordinates the dates of the Executive Committee and assists in meetings.

Phone: 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 24
E-Mail: P.Soltau@Hausverwaltung-Drews.de

Christine Ohm

Mrs. Ohm supported our employees in the accounting and administration. She takes care of rental apartments and is this contact for owners, tenants and suppliers. Furthermore, she is responsible for the preparation of operating and heating costs of our mandates.

Phone: 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 0
E-Mail: C.Ohm@Hausverwaltung-Drews.de

Tina Crämer

Tina Crämer

Frau Crämer verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung in der Immobilienverwaltung. Vor Ihrer selbstständigen Tätigkeit wurde Sie bei uns in der Hausverwaltung Drews ausgebildet.
Wir freuen uns über Ihre Rückkehr. In unserem Unternehmen arbeitet Frau Crämer als WEG- und Miethausverwalterin.

Tel. 04 31 / 12 22 5 - 0
E-Mail: T.Craemer@Hausverwaltung-Drews.de